Why Open Source is Great


The world was taken by surprise when a relatively unknown Satoshi Nakamoto ushered in the blockchain technology. The network has over the last decade, facilitated many projects that are built around the ambient of decentralization. Among the significant areas of application is in the financial sector.

Now, the paradigm shift is moving to a new approach. That is in the institution of an opensource system of facilitating transactions. Read further to discover how Securypto, a blockchain-based platform, reinvents the system for better efficiency.

What is Opensource?

Before we look at the implication of applying an open-source model of operation, we must discover the role of blockchain in that aspect. Blockchain is famous for its decentralization mantra that entrusts power to the end-users. That way, the participants would have full control over the affairs in the network.

In the same regard, open source is an elevated aspect to the decentralization aspect of blockchain technology. Open source is a computing model that involves the availability of the source code of the software. By that, it’s clear that the availability or opening created by the model empowers the participants to have full control over the activities that go on in the broader Securypto ecosystem.
With that in mind, we would now proceed to unearth the potentialities of the model on the Securypto blockchain.

Privacy Control

As you may have deciphered, any system that entrusts power to you also gives you the ability to call the shots. In terms of blockchain operations, you’re allowed to control your personal information, thereby, preventing your data from getting into the wrong hands. It is on the premise of the development strategies of the Securypto blockchain that there are delegated.

First, Securypto is into the development of software, which is in line with the direct application of the open-source. Aside from that, the network is also into the development of hardware solutions, which combine with the software to create a hybrid model for the broader Securypto ecosystem. The combination of the two empowers every Securypto user to exercise full control over their personal information.

Besides, Securypto posits that it is not a blockchain-based project. It prides itself as an unparalleled open-source platform operating within the ambient of blockchain. Through that, it aims at redesigning the conventional method of data transfer to a new model where we can decide who gets it and how to use the same.

Dedicated Open Source Hardware

It’s worth noting that any system that wants to gain your trust before any other thing may not be concerned about your welfare. That informs the reason why Securypto cut off trust from its protocol. Instead, it went down the brass tracks to create a dedicated open-source hardware ecosystem that tallies and strengthens its drive to return power to the end-users.

The dedicated open-source hardware is called DigiSafeGuard (DSG). It is linked to another hardware wallet for the provision of an extra layer of security. It’s interesting to note that the wallet/vault is similar to having your digital assets and personal information in your palms. It also handles additional services, including but not limited to password management, secure messaging, and initiating cryptocurrency payments.

Final Words

Blockchain technology continually breaks new grounds. So, the varieties of features introduced by Securypto are a welcome development. Without an iota of doubt, the blockchain community would accept the open-source model that breeds security, transparency, and maximum control of end-users’ data.