The DigiSafeGuard app is out


Many blockchain projects aim to be anonymous and some are less successful than others, and many don’t have a use case except anonymous transfer of funds. When we started the Securypto Blockchain project, we had 1 major role….that is to fully anonymize all communication between sender and receiver no matter the data exchange. This would mean you could send a message to the other side of the world with no connection between the sender and the receiver all while the data would be encrypted.

This has proven to be challenging for many blockchain projects and some have even been compromised which caused the complete shutdown of the project.

The Securypto Team has been working tirelessly around the clock for the past year to bring this concept to life. We posed the question how can we make the communication secure, fully encrypted, fast, reliable, anonymous, intuitive, and accessible to everyone without expensive and fancy hardware and for free??

After months of thinkering and bickering the concept of DigiSafeGuard came to be.

  • RSA 4096 encryption level on your smartphone device
  • Fully offline capabilities via scanning of encrypted QR code
  • Password Vaults
  • Storage of public and private addresses
  • Image sharing
  • Voice Memo
  • Publishing of public address for receiving confidential data
  • No link between sender and receiver
  • Share of large pieces of text, ideal for journalists and secret conversations
  • Lightweight and small (less than 10mb installation file)
  • Multilanguage
  • Free
  • Worldwide servers available for download

It is quite a long and demanding list but we’ve done it! The app is now available worldwide for everyone to download and to use. You can find it in the Google Play store under “Digisafeguard” and you can also find the direct APK link on the homepage.

The App is being updated weekly with new features so it is very important to keep the app updated to enjoy the full benefit of the latest features of the app!. Some of the features we are working heavily on is the Securypto blockchain and the wallet feature. This will allow to break completely the link between the sender and the receiver making it absolutely impossible to track and trace down what has been sent to who. Imagine you mix the power of RSA 4096 encryption with the anonymity of blockchain and the DigiSafeGuard app and add the CryptoWallet to it…… You would become an fully independent untraceable individual. Taking back what has been stolen from you bits by bits.

We fully encourage the usage of the DigiSafeGuard app for personal use to take back your freedom, at the same time we cheer whistle blowers of who many are in jail as we speak or have fled abroad like Edward Snowden or are chased down like Julian Assange. If they had the power of this tool in their hand, they would still be anonymous today. So download it and make use of it today! use it to snap-and-encrypt your images, data. Save those passwords, send those messages without fear of Whatsapp and Apple watching over your shoulder…. it is not only your right to use this app, but it is your obligation as an human to take back your freedom.

With The DigiSafeGuard app, you no longer have to be scared whether your data is safe. It doesn’t matter because it’s encrypted anyways

Sam Nokati – Lead Developer

We are living in difficult times with all the hacks, privacy issues and ongoing infighting between governments and corporate where our personal data has become an commodity for both parties to be used for their own benefits.

If you are an company, you love any piece of data you can get your hands on to sell it to the highest bidder. And if you are the government of an country who is not very fond of criticism then it is very much in your interest who is saying what and where to “correct” them as they say. Well some say “correcting” other barge in under the pretext of “national security’. You can call it whatever you want, at the end of the day… it’s censorship.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Benjamin Franklin

Your download and support helps the project grow, your feedback is very much appreciated and welcome. Join us on telegram !