Test-net V2 has been launched.

Ronak SuranaBlog

To upgrade just close your wallet and use Start_Wallet to start your wallet again. New version will be downloaded automatically and get installed. First time will take a longer time to sync.

After full sync, in your desktop wallet go to tools => wallet repair and click on -reindex and then -rescan

Your desktop wallet balance will be reset to zero again as its a new chain. Your real SCU balance can be seen in Securypto Panel and will be redistributed to your desktop wallet during the next couple of weeks again.

If you are running a Masternode, first update your desktop wallet and then run Masternode installation script again on your VPS and follow the installation instructions from github step 1 to 8 again. Use port 9994 when editing masternode.conf file as port 9994will be used for the Test-net V2.

We are still on the testnet, so the only “real coins” is what you see in the Securypto Panel for coins that you have paid for or have earned from for example airdrop etc… Once we switch to mainnet , we will create a new chain and redistribute the coins from the Securypto Panel to the mainnet. This means that current extra coins that everyone is getting by staking or from Masternodes don’t have any value and will be reset.

This doesnt mean that staking or having a masternode is useless because:

1. You support the network, so create value for your current coins that you have.
2 Once we switch, people that have already their wallet online for staking or have a masternode up and running are the first that get the blockrewards and if you are one of the few that are online and ready to go from the beginning, you will have a much higher rewards as amount of stakers and masternodes are modest in the beginning. So its attractive to be an early adaptor getting early block rewards.

Thats also one of the reason that we wont give a exact date for the mainnet launch because some may wait till the last day to set up a Masternode or start staking, we will switch once we are confidence of a stable network and no major upgrades.

So keep staking or setup an MN to be on the first row when we switch to Mainnet, but keep in mind that for now the only way to have extra coins is by Airdrop, Bounty or just buying directly from the Securypto Panel.