Sigma Implementation


Long ride….

It has been a long ride from back in 2017 when idea of DigiSafeGuard and Securypto was born… Sending and receiving anonymous messages and other data’s, saving your most important and sensitive data and having a hardware wallet that can be used for free by everyone… making safe & secure crypto payments available to even most poor people on the planet as DigiSafeGuard app can be installed on any Android Smartphone to be used as an Digital Vault and a Hardware wallet.

Securypto project was initially planned to start as an ICO, but in no time we saw a huge attention from the community and had build a small but great team that was and are still willing to work on the project for their ideological ideas instead of just financial purposes. This had encouraged us to shutdown the ICO and just do what we do best… working on the project in our own free time for our ideological ideas that free speech and privacy is basic human rights and we need to arm the people with the right tools to protect their rights.

After launching testnet V3 and publishing the first DigiSafeGuard app on Google Play Store , was getting the Main-Net up & running the next step before going to the exchanges. However the resent discovered flaw in the zerocoin protocol have forced us to make some hard but needed decisions to ensure the success of the Securypto blockchain on long term.

Good, bad and the ugly

Option 1: Keep building on zerocoin based  Securypto network, disabling zerocoin and giving up on anonymous part of the chain and try to fix it later after we have launched the mainnet and listing on the exchanges.

Option 2: Starting all over, getting implementation of Sigma as a replacement to zero coin protocol. Making all the codes, wallets, videos, articles, everything all over again… Basically almost starting from scratch again.

Decisions, oh dear decisions…

Obviously option1 was the most easy way. We had already DigisafeGuard app ready and published, so we could easily launch the Main-Net and have a working product at once. Listing on the exchange was then the next step and that would also satisfy the most in the community as they just want to trade their SCU and make some bucks. We are really not here to judge in anyway and we do understand that.

However our mission and goal was not just making some fast bucks, otherwise we could go on with the ICO in the first place, launching the Main-Net even though we were so close to it would be just killing the project on the long term. There would no easy way for us to fork after the Main-Net and the listing on the exchanges and we had then delivered a project that didn’t meet the requirement or the expectation that we had in mind when we started this project, having a Secure & Anonymous blockchain that is resistance to any kind of attack or censorship empowering the users.


Now what?

Believe me when we say it wasn’t an easy decision! I for one had many sleepless nights to decided if I want really start all over redoing so much work again! The rest of the dev team wasn’t happy either, but we all know that we have to do what we have to do…. Just sucking it up and start coding again. Although it all sounds so negative, it really isn’t. Just imagine we did launch the Main-Net and we did list SCU on exchanges and then BOOM zerocoin vulnerability was coming out! That would be a disaster as we already can see on other blockchains that use zerocoin protocol like PIVX.

Now we have the time and opportunity to fix the problems and getting Sigma protocol implementing taking as much time as needed to get it perfect. Also DigiSafeGuard app is now out there and can be used to store your sensitive data and also used to send encrypted messages, pictures or voice recording using Telegram or even the most insecure channels like WhatsApp. So its not really starting all over again but this is going to be a big setback which is necessary to get the Securypto project to the finish line and on some points even also help to improve it further than originally planned.

We understand that this will be on some points a disappointment for some people in our community and who have waiting for the exchange listing. But again this is the bitter pill that we all have to take for a better future of the Securypto on the long run. We have already shown that this project isn’t just empty promises and we have achieved and delivered a lot in the past year having testnet v1, v2 and v3 and launching the DigiSafeGuard app that actually works as it was promised and designed for. So we have now to ask the community who have been so supportive in the past to be patient and stay supportive giving the development team the time to create the new chain implementing Sigma protocol to then be listed on the exchanges. Securypto is not about IF but about when and good things come with patient and hard works at the end.

Exchange listing….

The most common question in the chat group is “when exchange”. Well we do understand that most people are here to just make some bucks and believe me, we are not judging in any way as mentioned before. However to be listed on a exchange we do need a solid Main-Net and a working product. There are many project out there that just fork a coin, rename it, make a nice logo and go to the exchanges, Dump the coins and TheEnd! Securypto is not such a project and we don’t want that .

There is no reason to have been listed when you don’t have any solid working product. The only sensitive to buy the coin is then just speculation on the price and what the dev team have promised to achieve someday, somehow and if you look closely, most of those promises are technically impossible or just plain crap.

The right steps in our vision are:

  • Test-Net, being really tested.
  • A working product that can be used.
  • Building a community that do use it.
  • Creating a market as the coins have a usecase.
  • Then getting listed on exchanges so it can be trade to be used then.

As for now we need to launch the Test-Net of a new chain again having Sigma protocol implemented and have it intensively tested again. We normally don’t give any ETA as we just build as fast as we can in our free times by some well talented development team that are really engaged and committed to the project. But as we already have done so much once and have more insight by now, we can say that roughly by the end of 2020 we have couple of different Test-Net versions tested for a couple of times and Main-Net can be launched and ready to be listed. Naturally you can already buy the SCU coins and support the project from Securypto-Panel helping funding the project and naturally use the coins later for personal use or trading on exchanges.


No project without your help

Securypto project wouldn’t be here without the help of the great community what we have build by now. We do realize that. As development team we can code as a maniac but still YOU need to get the words out! There are many ways to help the project so when it grows, it effect your life in a positive way too, whether your are here for your ideological ideas or trying to make a finical investment etc…

  • Twitter engagement program and earn SCU coins at the same times.
  • Writing articles about DigiSafeGuard or Securypto.
  • Creating videos about DigiSafeGuard or Securypto.
  • Helping translating DigiSafeGuard app.
  • Download and submit reviews on Goggle play for DigiSafeGuard app to help promoting it and getting a higher rank.
  • Installing and running a node when next Test-Net has been launched.
  • Testing and using DigiSafeGuard app daily and reporting about it on our Telegram chat and giving your ideas and suggestions.
  • Posting and discussing the project on the Bitcointalk.