Securypto TestNet V3 is Live

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On the last 8th July, the Zerocoin and Masternode based blockchain project Securypto has started TestNet V3 to secure data transfer and anonymity of internet user. Before the TestNet V3, Securypto had TestNet V2 at 14th April and TestNet V1 earlier. People in the Blockchain space must have heard developers refer to the “TestNet” but a lot of people still do not realize what a TestNet is, or why it is even useful. Today, in this article we will focus on TestNet Network and why it is useful for a blockchain project.

What is a TestNet Network?

A TestNet network is a demo network for experimenting of how the blockchain of a cryptocurrency will be working when it will be live. We can compare it with the beta stage of a cryptocurrency network. As the name says “TestNet”, It is an alternative blockchain of a cryptocurrency solely for developers which allows the developers to conduct experiments without wasting real currency. TestNet is almost similar to the main blockchain of a cryptocurrency. The working principle of both types of blockchains is similar. As a TestNet is an alternative demo network. So cryptocurrencies on a TestNet do not have any value on the mainnet.

Why is a TestNet Network important?

TestNet network is designed to experiment with new ideas without causing any disruption to the main cryptocurrency blockchain, the coins attached to the TestNet are separate entities and are lacking any real value. This framework allows developers to experiment with the advantage of not having to worry about causing any changes to the real blockchain. Let’s focus on some advantages:

  1. Development: To achieve mainstream adoption and usage of a cryptocurrency, it requires a great amount of testing and development. As is don’t need the real value cryptocurrency, the blockchain developers can experiment as many developments the blockchain needs. A TestNet is just a resembles of how the real chain protocol would operate under real-world conditions.
  2. Reduce Mining Difficulties: TestNet provides more flexibility to work when it comes to mining. It allows a person to run his/her own node on the test blockchain which reduces mining difficulty and makes it easier to mine the coins.
  3. Free Experiment: It would be extremely costly for developers to test out their application features or run experiments on the main blockchain, seeing as how they would need to purchase coins of real value in bulk. TestNets provide a reliable experimental ground for developers who are interested in designing applications on the chain or testing out certain functionalities without having to spend any real currencies.
  4. Prevent Disturbances: A TestNet provides testers and developers a platform to experiment on potential features and functions for the protocol without the worry of disrupting anything on the primary blockchain. Because of this, most blockchain projects try to run a prototype on a TestNet before launching it and ensures everything is properly in order.

What is in Securypto TestNet V3?

To provide disturbance-free experience to all Securypto users, Securypto already had three TestNets. After the first TestNet earlier, Securypto had the TestNet V2 on April 14th, 2019 and started the TestNet V3 on July 8th, 2019.

  • In the TestNet V3, Securypto has implemented Blockrewards adjustments by spork. Spork is centralized but it’s needed for now to free the road by testing enough to see the result. After that, we will make the blockrewards adjustable by Masternodes voting. This is to prevent huge rewards/too many rewards in the beginning. So the community itself will decide the rewards. Some masternode owners may want as much as possible but there is also masternode owners that understand that too many rewards will result in a dump and crash the coin and want scarcity. So there will be a balance.
  • Like the TestNet V2, the masternode port is changed to avoid conflict between different versions. Current Port is 19996. Please be noted that, once we launch the mainnet we will go back to the original port 9994.
  • Securypto team is working their best in the background. The team isn’t only with the blockchain developing, DigiSafeGuard secure messaging app is being developed in the background. DigiSafeGuard will have messaging but also other functions in the future like 2FA, External USB encryption, Hardware wallet, etc. Once DigiSafeGuard app is released community can get a taste of the potential of DSG in conjunction with the Securypto blockchain. It doesn’t support crypto wallet now but the wallet is high on the To-do list and will be ready soon.


Thanks for reading, Stay tuned.

Neyamul Hadi