Securypto Reborn


Exciting times!

In de past couple of months it has been quiet around the project but in the silence we have keep working on both the Blockchain and the DigiSafeGuard app.

The new DigiSafeGuard app update will be released in the next coupe of weeks and can be downloaded at Google Pay Store as usual. This version have many bugs update and some new futures, sending encrypted voice messages are now also a reality and can be used in the app! Also the integrated crypto wallet is in the final testing phase. All your feedback’s have helped us to improve the DSG, Thanks for that!

Back to the Securypto Blockchain…. As you probably know because of the zerocoin vulnerability we had to look for other alternatives for the privacy protocol. This had a huge impact on many zerocoin based blockchains and lucky for us as we were still in the testchain it didn’t cause any problems beside that we did lose a lot of development time as we had to start all over on many aspects of the chain. As you have read in our last news update we are planning to implement the new protocol and the Sapling protocol from PIVX will be integrated in Securypto Blockchain once PIVX is done testing Sapling. As PIVX is currently testing the same protocol on their chain its not wise for us to switch to the mainnet before we can be sure of a solid base. However the testnet V4 has just been launched and you can download the new Securypto wallet again to test the network.

John McAfee

John Mcfee was until recently an advisor of the Securypto project and it was nice to have him on board as it did give us some attention in the beginning, however on the other hand we have noticed that he gives an negative image to the project as he doesn’t exactly have the right image for a serious project like Securypto what results in some cases investors and community holding back because of his involvement even tough his involvement was limited to marketing promotions and he didn’t had any influence about the direction of DigiSafeGuard or Securypto in any way. Beside his negative image he have started asking for ridicules amounts of SCU coins for his tweets that just wasn’t worth it. I am sure there are other crypto projects out there that would love to have him on board and they are willing to sacrifice ridicules amount of coins what actually belongs to the community, but we are not! We take the responsibility to manage the securypto foundation coins seriously and we don’t sprinkle Securypto coins around like water. As for this we have decided to remove him as an advisor from the Securypto team. At the same time we are in serious negotiations to some prominent crypto names that are willing to be a Securypto Advisor or Ambassador. More exiting info will follow. So stay tuned!


When we started the Securypto project we couldn’t dream of what we have accomplished so far. Many bigger projects having huge funds still haven’t deliver anything after their ICO’s. We have already our own testnet and also published the DigiSafeGuard app that has now downloaded by 1000+ on Google play and we still receive many daily feedback’s from people all over the world using DSG app. This has been a huge push for us to keep working on the project.

Last time in Dec 2018 we were getting ready to launch an ICO, however we have canceled the ICO on time as it was exactly at the same time of the hardest crypto crash in the history! So it wasn’t wise to proceed when every crypto coin including bitcoin was falling hard to the point that not just bitcoin but entire crypto was getting a big question mark. We decided to keep working on the project and I (Sam Nokati) agreed to fund the project as far and as long as I can. Other devs also agreed to keep working on Securypto without any payments. This huge effort and sacrifice also includes the entire Securypto team that has been stay with this project for the last 3 years. But now we have got to the point that we do need the funds not just for further development but also advertising and exchange listing and both are not cheap. For this we are going to start a fund raising and we have to decide as a community how we are going to keep supporting Securypto. The crypto markt is now in the rise again and we should take this chance to put the Securypto in the top list of cryptos where it belongs. At the time of writing we are in serious negotiations by different exchanges for listing so SCU coins can be traded after IEO.