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How to Install, Backup and Encrypt Securypto Wallet (Mac)

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Follow the procedure below step by step to install Securypto wallet on your mac osx PC/laptop.

Step 1: Downloading the wallet

Go to our official securypto website and drag your cursor to the Blockchain section on the top bar of the website. There, you will see multiple wallet files for windows, linux, mac etc. Click on the mac 64 bit wallet file to proceed with the downloading.

Step 2: Installing the wallet

Once the downloading is complete, click on the zip folder to open the contents. Entering the folder, there will be a sub-folder named “bin” and a batch file named “Start_Wallet.command”. Double click on the “Start_Wallet.command” file to run the program.

You might see a warning from any anti-virus installed on your PC before running the program but there is nothing to worry about, the wallet (file) is perfectly safe. Click on ‘Run anyway’ to proceed with the installation.
The bootstrap will begin downloading. The wallet will load once the bootstrap downloading has been completed. It might take a while depending on your internet speed to start the wallet for the first time. It will be much faster thereafter. Once the wallet loads, it will start syncing with the network.

Step 3: Backing up the wallet

Backing up your wallet is one of the most important steps in setting up cryptocurrency wallets. Always backup your wallet and save the file in multiple places to remain in control of your funds and ensure that your money is not lost if you lose access to your device. To backup your wallet:
Go to ‘file’ —-> Click on ‘Backup wallet’ —-> Select the system folder where you would like to save your backup —-> name the file ‘wallet.dat’ —-> Click on ‘save’ to create the backup.

Step 4: Encrypting the wallet

We recommend users to encrypt their wallet with a passphrase to add an additional layer of security and ensure that no one other than them can access the funds. To encrypt your wallet:
Go to ‘Settings’ —-> Click on ‘Encrypt Wallet’ —-> Type the passphrase you want to encrypt with —-> Click on ‘OK’ to enable encryption.