Securypto Reborn

Exciting times! In de past couple of months it has been quiet around the project but in the silence we have keep working on both the Blockchain and the DigiSafeGuard app. The new DigiSafeGuard app update will be released in the next coupe of weeks and can be downloaded at Google Pay Store as usual. This version have many bugs … Read More

Sigma Implementation

Long ride…. It has been a long ride from back in 2017 when idea of DigiSafeGuard and Securypto was born… Sending and receiving anonymous messages and other data’s, saving your most important and sensitive data and having a hardware wallet that can be used for free by everyone… making safe & secure crypto payments available to even most poor people … Read More

The DigiSafeGuard app is out

Many blockchain projects aim to be anonymous and some are less successful than others, and many don’t have a use case except anonymous transfer of funds. When we started the Securypto Blockchain project, we had 1 major role….that is to fully anonymize all communication between sender and receiver no matter the data exchange. This would mean you could send a … Read More

Securypto TestNet V3 is Live

On the last 8th July, the Zerocoin and Masternode based blockchain project Securypto has started TestNet V3 to secure data transfer and anonymity of internet user. Before the TestNet V3, Securypto had TestNet V2 at 14th April and TestNet V1 earlier. People in the Blockchain space must have heard developers refer to the “TestNet” but a lot of people still … Read More

Start_Wallet script update v1.0.7

We have found a bug in Start_Wallet script that downloads bootstrap twice on a new installation. Unfortunately this bug caused use of extra unnecessary data traffic and we know that in some regions data transfer is expensive. New update will have two major updates. 1. Replacing the Start_Wallet script with a new version downloading only the bootstrap once. 2. Bootstrap … Read More

What Is Masternode? Explained.

To know the model of Masternode, you should have the familiarity of cryptocurrency nodes. So, What are cryptocurrency nodes? There are some requirements for cryptocurrencies to function, the data is required to pass through nodes and these information centers pass the data through the network, and this is a network which lets the encryption assets to be devolved. Presenting a … Read More

Blockchain based Social media and Messaging Service

After the suspected Facebook scandal – Cambridge Analytica, people are more and more concerned about the malevolent use of their private data. This image has directed many to have worries about being active in social media. The hunt for other social networks (and ‘Delete Facebook’) has hit the roof. The search has confirmed that they saw a boost in existing … Read More

Testnet V2 has been lanched

Great NEW! Test-net V2 has been launched. To upgrade just close your wallet and use Start_Wallet to start your wallet again. New version will be downloaded automatically and get installed. First time will take a longer time to sync. After full sync, in your desktop wallet go to tools => wallet repair and click on -reindex and then -rescan Your … Read More

ASML which is the largest chip machine manufacturer in the world, accuses Samsung of corporate espionage

Samsung’s full response on the allegation is presented below. “Samsung makes it a top priority to protect and respect the intellectual property rights of others. We are deeply disappointed with the media reports that had widely assumed or even suggested Samsung’s participation in any incorrect action against ASML, which is not true. While we cannot disclose details of our trade … Read More

Staking Cryptocurrencies and Securypto Blockchain

Who doesn’t love passive income? Of course everyone. People love to deposit their money in the bank for a certain period and earn rewards for holding from the bank. In the cryptocurrency world, there are also some good ways to earn rewards passively. Mining and Staking cryptocurrency is two popular ways to earn rewards passively. Today, in this article, we … Read More

What is RSA?

Cryptography has been used in civilizations in different formats for thousands of years. From ancient Egyptians to the modern Internet, the use of cryptography to encrypt and decrypt messages is an important tool in communication. The RSA cryptography or RSA algorithm is the most ubiquitous asymmetric encryption algorithm in the world to be precise. Made possible by a series of … Read More

Cryptocurrency Wallet and DigiSafeGuard

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that designed to work as a medium of exchange. It built with cryptographic protocols that make transactions secure and difficult to fake. Also, the cryptographic protocol controls the creation of new units of a particular cryptocurrency. One of the most important features of a cryptocurrency is that any central authority does not … Read More

Test-net V2 has been launched.

To upgrade just close your wallet and use Start_Wallet to start your wallet again. New version will be downloaded automatically and get installed. First time will take a longer time to sync. After full sync, in your desktop wallet go to tools => wallet repair and click on -reindex and then -rescan Your desktop wallet balance will be reset to … Read More

Facebook Privacy Leaks

Facebook came into being as a social media platform which connects people. Of late it has also ventured into a marketplace for organizations and marketing professionals. More importantly, regulators and governments of various nations are using it effectively to their use. All this means data transfer of millions and billions of individuals, organizations and nations to Facebook. But this does … Read More

Securypto- A Zerocoin Masternode based Blockchain Project

Whenever you first heard about Securypto, you might have listed the sentence called “Securypto is a Zerocoin Masternode based blockchain project.” If you are an experienced one on the blockchain space, then it’s not a big deal for you, but the problem occurs when you hear about the Zerocoin Protocol for the first time. Today in this article, we are … Read More

The FBI has impugned an auto engineer at Apple for allegedly stealing trade secrets for a rival company based in China.

Jizhong Chen, who was hired in June 2018, is the second Chinese employee to face the same accusation in six months, according to NBC Bay Area. In July 2018, former Apple employee Xiaolang Zhang was accused of trying to leak Apple’s trade secrets to China-based XMotors and was arrested by federal agents. Chen was given “secrecy training” in how to … Read More

“Introduction to zSCU and Coin Staking”

Securypto Blockchain is based on the PIVX using zPOS (Zerocoin Protocol). Because of this Masternodes and Staking are an essential part of Securypto blockchain while it also helps to maintain user’s privacy. As Securypto blockchain is based on the PIVX using zPOS, there are few things that are new and unknown to many people such as what is zSCU and … Read More

What is Proof of Work? Explained.

Proof of Work (PoW) is an approved algorithm used in the advanced Bitcoin implementation. In a Blockchain system, new transactions are intermittently added by packaging these transactions into a block. This block is added to Blockchain. Background Users send each other digital tokens (for example, Bitcoins). All these transactions are stored in a public ledger that was executed in Blockchain. … Read More

Why Open Source is Great

The world was taken by surprise when a relatively unknown Satoshi Nakamoto ushered in the blockchain technology. The network has over the last decade, facilitated many projects that are built around the ambient of decentralization. Among the significant areas of application is in the financial sector. Now, the paradigm shift is moving to a new approach. That is in the … Read More

What is Encryption

Encryption has become an essential part of our online lives and I probably use it every day without knowing much about it. At the most basic level, encryption protects the text and data you send and receive online so that they are protected. The idea is that no one can read your usernames, passwords, credit card details or anything else … Read More


DEFINITION OF BITCOIN Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency (cryptocurrency) without a single controller or administrator; it is a virtual currency and so can be easily sent via bitcoin network from one user to another without any third-party interference. Its high security and reliance standard is hinged on its ability to carry out seamless verification process by network nodes via … Read More

Privacy and Blockchain

privacy and blockchain are important

What is Proof Of Stake? Explained.

Introduction The blockchain uprising is happening so fast, that it too is being developed. Until now, the de facto mechanism to reach consensus on distributed ledgers has been Proof of Work (PoW), in which workstations compete to elucidate fictitious mathematical complications. However, this system wastes a lot of energy and computer power. But now a quicker, simpler, and more energy-efficient … Read More